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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Modules Overview

Materials management deals with planning, structuring, Costing and maintaining the flow of materials, or with logistics that deal with the tangible components of a supply chain. Particularly, these deals with the acquisition of raw materials, spare parts and replacements, preparing material budget, forecasting the inventory levels, scheduling the reorder levels, purchasing order creation, choosing best vendor and selection the quality purchasing and ordering raw materials, and the standards involved in ordering, shipping, and warehousing the raw materials. Thus Materials Management involves planning, sourcing of raw materials, purchasing, moving, storing and controlling the materials in proper manner in order to serve the customer at minimal cost.

In these process materials manager faces a lot of challenges in maintaining a consistent flow of material for production, inaccuracy of raw material in inventory results in production downfall, incorrect bill of materials, shipping errors, inventory adjustments, purchase orders etc.

Materials Management module in Mapol ERP solution addresses all the challenges and issues in material management. We have exclusively developed this module for all addressing all the issues in the material and inventory module which suits for all the industry verticals.

Material and Inventory Management Software

Salient features and benefits of Materials Management Software module:

  • Speed up inventory management
  • Alerts to notify of critical stock levels
  • Provision to integrate with AIDC (Automatic identification and data capture)solutions
  • Cost accounting by multiple user-defined cost centers
  • Provision to maintain LOT based inventory
  • FIFO based material issue
  • Maintain just in time through KANBAN
  • Provision for automated supplier evaluation
  • All purchasing process with work-flow driven processing functions and integrated with invoice verification
  • Reports available with our material module - Inventory turnover ratio report, stock value summary report, purchase value report
  • Option to maintain imported materials along with their import duty and landing cost
  • Provision Vendor evaluation and pre-purchase activities
  • Allows you to take decision - When to buy, What to buy and How much to buy

Production method can involve several processes and may be complex or simple, time consuming or speedy, but one thing remains stable – action to deliver to meet your customer’s requirement in the given time period. In manufacturing industries money is made on the production floor. So that’s the real time availability of every details involves in whole manufacturing operation is essential to continues growth, success and profitability of your manufacturing business.

In our production module we provide simple and complete solution to maintain the whole process in the production module. Our production management software process starts from process planning and scheduling to production order control. This module is integrated with all the modules and seamless flow of information between all the departments in the organization. This module permits you to allow capturing all the production process. With this information your production team can give confident to customer regarding the delivery status

Production Management Software

Salient features and benefits of Production Management Software module:

  • Permits you to create the bill of materials (BOM)
  • Provision to create production planning based on the sale order
  • Allows you to define the production process involved in manufacturing
  • Allows you to measure all the quality parameters checking
  • Allows you to resource scheduling based on production planning
  • Scrap and rework quantity reporting
  • Provision for auto purchase of raw material
  • Auto Scheduling of production based on earliest possible, or Just In Time
  • Direct access to additional maintenance for Bill of Material, Standard Routing, Warehouse balances

In the production and manufacturing operations one of the most critical aspects is maintain the quality standards in the production process so as to get defect less product. In the production process maintaining and checking all the quality checking parameters is highly critical job. If Control and maintaining corrective actions and rejected materials, verify operations for incoming inspections, are not properly tracked then it leads to customer complaints.

In this process whether you are struggling with internal quality audits, inline specification audit, incoming material audit or a lack of end-to-end part visibility and tracking, our Quality Management Software is here to help you. Our Quality Management Software (QMS) offers wide range of experience and cost effective software to manage the quality issues in the production or manufacturing process. Our quality management module incorporates all the features that include quality audit, all the quality parameters, report writers, counter measures, warranty claims, re-validation, 4M change etc.

Quality Control

Some of reports available with our Quality Management software:

  • Calibration history card report
  • Process audit report
  • Product audit report
  • Supplier audit report
  • Raw material quality report
  • Inventory inspection report
  • Warranty claim report etc

Salient features and benefits of Quality Management Software module:

  • Provision to incorporate all kinds of quality parameters like incoming quality checking, inline quality inspection, final inspection, etc.
  • Provision to error and effects analysis
  • Can be downloaded all kinds of quality reports which need to sent to the customer
  • Quality notification for processing internal or external problems and initiating corrective action to correct the problems(Ex: QIR and Counter measure)
  • QM Module integrates with other modules to link the task on quality management.
  • Print shop papers for sampling and inspection. – Records results and defects
  • Provision to capture the lab test report for verification

To achieve the sense of balance between employer and employee objectives and needs, Human Resource department needs to concentrate on these three general functions in the organization: Planning, execution, and assessment.

Mapol provides innovative Human Resource Management Software application that helps the organization of all sizes to maintain the employs in the organization in better and in simple manner.

Our Human Resource Software follows strategic process that consists a cycle of activities that includes Resource Planning, Recruitment, Training Management, Shift Management, Payroll Management, Leave Management, Time & Attendance Management, Performance Management, 360¬ degree Appraisal Management, Transfer Management, Resignation and relieving formalities, statutory reports, HR Administration and Employee Life Events, and HR Analytics every other detail that can help bring out the very best in your employees.

By this our HRMS application throws you the hand full of information about the employee, work force, organization structure, payroll structure, multiple statutory reports and MIS reports.

Human Resource Management System

Why Mapol HRMS? Prominent features and its benefits:

  • Simple yet powerful and user friendly application
  • Application allows you to maintain the human resource data till starting from recruitment to relieving and final settlement process.
  • Fully customizable and can be integrated with any other ERP applications
  • Application includes contract labour management system
  • 360 degree appraisal format
  • Fast payroll processing and generates ‘n’ number of payslips at a fraction of time
  • Integration with Attendance Monitoring Systems like biometric system, access control etc.
  • Capable of flexible salary definition using formulas which includes ESI, PF, PT
  • Payroll module enables you to manage advance payment, arrear payment, OT payment, shift allowance payment, gift payment and increment details.
  • Export option to carry the Salary details to Accounting Software
  • Database Capability and Client Server Architecture with optional backend, available with Oracle/MS SQL/My SQL/MS Access
  • All types of government statutory reports can be downloaded

A sale is nothing but the exchange of service or goods for money or value. Sales are the important role in the organization which will in achieving the organizational goals. The sales team needs to play a critical role in the organization. In the sales, maintaining the customers database, sales order, delivery, dispatch is a critical job.

Our Sales and distribution module comprises of customer details, sales enquiry details, sales quotation details, sales order details, invoice details, delivery schedules, pick and packing list, transport and logistics and dispatch options.

Some of the reports available with our S&D Module:

  • Product wise and item wise sales report
  • Invoice reports
  • Customer wise sales report
  • Sales order history report
  • Sales inquiry Vs conversation report
  • Sales order by customer and some other reports

Key features and benefits:

  • Manage product with description, model, make, price, tax etc
  • Provision to manage the prospects list and track the status
  • Option to have all the customer details at single shot
  • Provision to manage quotation to customer and dispatch notice
  • Portal to communicate with the production team based on the sale order
  • This module can be integrated with other accounting packages
  • Generates all kinds of reports for the management
  • Based on the sale order materials pick and pack for dispatch
  • Provision to generate barcode in the invoice
Sales and Distribution

In the modern and competitive world to survive in the market we need to supply the goods and services in-time. So production process should not stop due to machine breakdown or idle repair of machine.

So plant maintenance module in our ERP software provides an integrated solution for supporting the operational efficiency. Our plant maintenance module covers all the featured of plant and machine maintenance which provides you the process improvement to achieve the production goals. The plant maintenance module maintenance tasks such as inspection, service, repair maintenance, break down maintenance, power maintenance, equipment tracking, repair and spare parts maintenance and other maintenance services.

Plant Maintenance

Important features:

  • Creates a plan for preventive maintenance which reduces the equipment breakdown and maintenance cost.
  • Analyze equipment repetitive breakdowns
  • Maintain machine equipment repair log and equipment master data
  • Spare parts maintenance details and check for repetitive consumption parts
  • Provide plan to control MTTR and MTBR of an equipment
  • Spare part planning for preventive maintenance and stock maintenance
  • Counter based preventive maintenance for equipment like machines, generator, compressors, sewage tanks, water tanks, etc.
  • Plan and track activities more precisely to improve speed of execution
  • By preventive maintenance of plant and machines leads to long life use of assets
  • Alerts for the change of oil, spare parts, grease which improves the machine life time

Mapol Vendor Management Software automates your interaction with the suppliers and reduces the paper work and manual process with zero error:

Managing Vendor or supplier is not an easy task and the manual interaction can be costly and time taking process. A vendor/supplier is a part of supply chain management term that means anyone who provides goods or services to a company or individuals. A vendor often manufactures inventoried items, and sells those items to a customer. Vendor Management is time consuming process that may includes adding new supplier to your vendor master database, payment inquiries, order management, invoice creations, vendor evaluation process, etc.

Mapol Vendor Management Software automates your interaction with the vendor/supplier and reduces the manual error and paper works. Our vendor portal automates the process of the purchase order creation and allows tracking the order status online without any interaction with the vendor. Our Vendor Management Application allows you a complete range of strategic vendor assurance process manual reduce errors, vendors risks, driven costs a improve profitability. Our vendor management application reduces the time spending on handling the vendor inquiries and makes it easier for them.

Vendor Portal

A real time vendor interaction through vendor portal provides access to:

  • Automate Vendor registration – Vendor can directly access the vendor form and fill the details, which will help to evaluate the supplier
  • Integrated process work flow – Deals with entire purchase to pay process includes purchase order, GRN, invoice and payment process under single platform
  • Automates the Material requirements and stock levels – Understand customer requirement from suppliers to maintain the stock level that meet the demand
  • Option to screen the suppliers based on the quality certificates, insurance certificates, financial and non financial risk factors
  • Accurate and up-to-date complete information and remove duplicated supplier master data
  • Increase supplier satisfaction while minimizing the costs to supplier and to use vendor portal to forecast cash flow, export data in various formats, and email up question directly through email
  • Option to rate on your supplier’s performance and their ability to meet your needs in timely manner
  • Easy implementation and faster returns, application can be integrated along with any ERP solutions

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